Ninja infoEdit

Zeebra "Ninja infobox"
Age 25
Blood type O
Also known as
Gender Male
Street that he was Born
Current Location Japan-Gangsta Ninja Academy
Village of Origin
Rank Demi-God
Academy Graduation Age 7
Ge-Nin Age 8
Chū-Nin Age 10
Jō-Nin Age 15
Kage Age 19
Demi-God Age 21
Height 6'2"
Weight 67.2 kg
Birthdate June 16, 1984
Jinchuriki One-Hundred Five-Tailed Mino-Zebra
Organization(s) Seven Masters of The Warning Lands
Previous Organization(s) None
Previous Team(s) Team G-Unit
Affiliation Japan Gangsta-Ninja Academy
Partner(s) Genjin Mohokaw
Former Partner
Summoning Creature(s)
Alignment Good
Bounty on his head








Ninjutsu Trainning/Skill TrainningEdit

Taijutsu Trainning/Speed TrainningEdit

Genjutsu Trainning/Illusion TrainningEdit

Kinjutsu Trainning/Illegal TrainingEdit

Fuinjutsu Training/Seal TrainingEdit

Summoning TrainingEdit

. Training Comming Soon...!

Missions CompletedEdit

  • D-Rank: 100,000 (pays 5,000-50,000 Ryō min.)
  • C-Rank: 110,000 (pays 30,000-100,000 Ryō min.)
  • B-Rank: 120,000 (pays 80,000-200,000 Ryō min.)
  • A-Rank: 200,000 (pays 150,000-1 Million Ryō min.)
  • S-Rank: 100,000 (pays over 1 Million Ryō min.)
  • Omega-Rank: 437 Million (pays 100 Billion Ryō min.)
  • Demi-God-Rank: 343 Trillion (pays 85 Trillion Ryō min.)


  • Genjutsu: 12,5% (original); 848 Billion,921 Billion% (current)
  • Taijutsu: 12,5% (original); 723 Billion,981 Billion% (current)
  • Ninjutsu: 12,5% (original); 809 Billion,893 Billion% (current)
  • Seals: 10% (original); 641 Million% (current)
  • Chakra: 13,5% (original); 663 Billion,961 Billion% (current)
  • Speed: 12,5% (original); 689 Billion,960 Billion% (current)
  • Force: 13% (original) 507 Million% (current)
  • Intelligence: 13,5% (original); 67 Million,459 Million% (current)
  • Potential: 97,7% (original); 485 Trillion,967 Trillion% (current)
  • Type: Irregular (original); Demi-God (current)

Major BattlesEdit

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