Yuriko Rossovich, also known as Beta-Red, is a clone of Lady DeathStrike (Yuriko Oyama) created by the Dark-Beast (Henry McCoy of Marvel Earth-295). He is a clone of Lady DeathStrike enhanced with the DNA of Omega-Red (Arkady Rossovich).

Beta-Red was a member of Apocalypse's Black Legion, apparently cobbled together in the genetic soup used to created Infinites and other agents of Celestial Evolution. He was led by Blob in confronting what remained of the X-Men.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Primary/original powersEdit

Post-deal powersEdit

Lazarus-Pit enhancement:


Items, weapons, and equipmentEdit


Makluan-Ring formEdit

Makluan-energy generation: As part of her deal, Beta-Red gained the powers acquired by Lady DeathStrike of Earth-2301 from two of the Mandarin's rings, Zero (ice generator) and Lightning (electricity generator).

  • Ice generation: The ring dubbed "Zero" possessed the power to generate ice and waves of intense cold energy.
    • Freezing: This power could be used to freeze others by incasing them in block or sheathes of ice and immobilize them.
  • Electricity generation: The ring dubbed "Lightning" possessed the power to produce powerful blasts of intense electrical-energy.
  • Teleportation: The Mandarin's ring allowed their users to travel great distances at will through teleportation.
    • Interdimensional travel: The Mandarin's rings could even take their users to alternate realms if it is desired.

Eruption-Slinger formEdit

Lance-Uzi formEdit

Lazarus-Stave formEdit

Lazarus-Pit infusion:

Carbonadium katana formEdit

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