As a member of Mongul II's occupying force on Daxam, Wick delighted in seeing a group of Daxamites leap to their death rather than face enslavement. His enjoyment was short lived, however. Arkillo, the Sinestro Corps' most vicious member, was still brooding over his humiliating defeat at the hand of Mongul. Arkillo had even taken to wearing the tongue Mongul had ripped out of his mouth as a necklace around his neck to serve as a reminder of his failed bid for leadership. Despite his loss, Arkillo was still feared through the ranks and had banned the use of his enemy's name while in his presence. After slipping once, Wick fatally utter Mongul's name a second time. Before the robot could apologize, an irate Arkillo had punched his fist through Wicks head causing it to explode in a blast of shrapnel. As it's former master's lifeless body fell to the ground Wick's power ring took off to Sector 108 in search of another depraved soul to take Wick's place in the Sinestro Corps.

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