Vandor grew up fighting for his life in the gladiatorial rings of the planet Ydoc. After winning his hundredth death match, he was finally released from slavery. Vandor lead a rebellion deposing the planets gladiatorial masters earning him a place in the Green-Lantern Corps.

The KeepersEdit

He was abducted recently, along with John Stewart, by the Keepers, a maniacal group that opposes the Green Lantern Corps. Guy Gardner can not stand to let this slide. He asks Kilowog for help. Kilowog directs him to an underground base beneath the "Warriors" that Mean Machine frequents. Guy then recruits Mean Machine to help rescue his two teammates.


He was recently assimilated by The Third Army. As with the other members of the Third Army, he was disintegrated after the First Lantern tapped back into his stolen power.

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