Tekik was once a robotic servant on the planet Potter-59-3. His master gave him the ability to feel emotions. Angered by his perceived enslavement, Tekik created a "fear program" and downloaded it into the other robots of the planet. Potter-59-3 never recovered and was eventually abandoned, becoming the "Lost World", leading into his eventual induction into the Sinestro Corps.

Tekik was damaged by Boodikka when the Lost Lanterns came to rescue Ion, but he appeared to repair himself in time to join the Battle of Earth. He fled the planet after Sinestro was captured and the Anti-Monitor was killed.

Some months after the Sinestro Corps War, Tekik joined a group of Sinestro loyalists who attempted to free their master. They ambushed the Green-Lanterns escorting Sinestro to his execution on Korugar, but were in turn ambushed by Atrocitus and the Red-Lantern Corps. Surviving the assault, Tekik recovered Sinestro's Yellow-Lantern Power-Ring and carried it while the Sinestro Corps launched another rescue attempt on Ysmault. Once Sinestro was freed, Tekik returned the ring, saying it was an honor to be allowed to carry it. Fleeing to Qward, Tekik and Romat-Ru gave Sinestro a status report on the condition of the Sinestro Corps, including Mongul II's coup attempts and the Zamarons capturing of several female Sinestro Corps members. After revealing a secondary Qwardian Central Power Battery, Sinestro ordered them to rescue the females captured by the Zamarons, then regroup on the dark side of Daxam's moon, while he intended to go investigate a "family affair" on Korugar.

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