Sahlia Ahdre Kyala is a two-headed, six-armed mutated space-elf from a world in the Nexus/Dominion universe where magic and technology developed at equal levels. Her usual job is a rogue and she is an expert thief and spy. She has held numerous jobs and positions and has developed a vast array of skills and has acquired many magical and technological weapons and superpowers.


Sahlia is a tall, dark-haired, elfin woman with two heads and six arms. Sahlia's hair is a sleek and shiny black, her eyes are a golden-amber color, and her skin color is usually a light-tan. Sahlia is 6 feet and 2 inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, has a very smooth and lean-muscled figure and incredibly large breasts.

Sahlia commonly uses magic to make various alterations to her appearance, primarily her skin-tone and hair-color. While Sahlia's skin color is usually light-tan, she has several different colors that she commonly changes it to: chocolate brown or light brown (African), porcelain white, basic white, or dark-tan (Caucasian), or yellow-tan (Asian). Sahlia's hair is normally shiny black and down to her lower back in length; for various reasons, she has altered her hair an entire variety of colors:

Sahlia did not always have two heads and six arms; her current appearance is the result of a magical cataclysm that stuck her world when she was young, her head split into the familiar identical pair and her two arms branched into the three pairs of arms that is her signature trademark today.


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Original mutation powersEdit

Incredible strength: Sahlia is incredibly strong as a side-effect of her mutation, she can lift roughly 700 lbs., this is strong enough to nearly bench press her bodyweight with only one of her arms.

Wonder-Woman powersEdit

SuperGirl powersEdit


Weapons and equipmentEdit

Red-Lantern Power-RingEdit

Red-Light of Anger conduit:

Orange-Lantern Power-RingEdit

Orange-Light of Desire conduit:

Yellow-Lantern Power-RingEdit

Yellow-Light of Fear conduit:

Green-Lantern Power-RingEdit

Green-Light of Will conduit:

Blue-Lantern Power-RingEdit

Blue-Light of Hope conduit:

Indigo-Lantern Power-RingEdit

Indigo-Light of Compassion conduit:

Violet-Lantern Power-RingEdit

Violet-Light of Love conduit:

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