The term SCP anomaly applies to a variety of anomalous entities, objects, locations, and effects from the SCP-Foundation universe. The acronym/term SCP is derived from from the phase "Special Containment Procedures," in reference to very specific and specialized requirements needed to imprison, neutralize, manage, or prevent these things from harming humanity or other terrestrial species, damaging the planetary environment or human society/infrastructure/government, and/or potentially warping or destroying the Earth, the Solar System, the galaxy, the fabric of reality, the space-time continuum, and/or the universe.

Overview of SCP anomaliesEdit

SCP subjectsEdit

SCP-033 {Theta-Prime}Edit

  • Status: Released/properly assimilated into the universal numerical system

SCP-208 {Bes}Edit

  • Guardian: Himself

SCP-427 (original copy) {Healing Locket}Edit

  • Possessor: Elixer (Joshua Foley)
  • Possessor (mass-production version): Various others

SCP-547-D {Nature's Fury}Edit

  • Guardian: Himself

SCP-897 {Voodoo Organ-Transplant}Edit

SCP-978 {The Desire-Camera}Edit

SCP-999 {Tickle-Blob}Edit

SCP-1237 {Epsilon Bain-Wave}Edit

  • Guardian: SCP-1237-1-L (only known Epsilon-positive lucid-dreamer)

SCP-1548 {Abhorrere, the Hateful-Star}Edit

SCP-1699 {Atmos, the Force of Nature}Edit

SCP-1781 (original prototype) {Perpetual-Motion Device}Edit

  • Possessor/guardian: Arsenal (Alexander Stark)
  • Possessors (mass-production version): Various others

SCP-1812 {Selene, the ExtraLunar-Meme}Edit

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