Item #: SCP-1781

Object Class: Safe

'Special Containment Procedures SCP-1781 is to be contained in a high-security containment vault located at Storage Site-12 when not involved in active tests. To prevent any rotation, SCP-1781 is to be held via elevated clamps at all times. Optical sensors are to be installed to ensure SCP-1781 does not rotate. If at any time SCP-1781 is to slip its clamps and begin rotation, an automatic system is in place to reinstall SCP-1781. Monthly checks are to be performed on all sensors and systems to ensure operation. All tests performed on SCP-1781 are to be approved by Site Director Murphy. In addition, no tests of SCP-1781 are to last more than thirty (30) seconds.

Description: SCP-1781 is a mechanical engine approximately 1 meter long in diameter. Engraved on the bottom of the device are the words "There Is Nothing Man Was Not Meant To Know", as well as the logo of Prometheus Labs circa 1990. SCP-1781 can be started by any exertion equal to or greater than one thousandth (1/1000) of a Newton. Once started, SCP-1781 will continue to run without the addition of outside energy until an outside force equal or greater to the force being exerted stops its movement. The speed at which SCP-1781 runs will increase rapidly, with the initial revolutions per minute increasing at a power of 10 for every second of continuous operation. Due to this, the number of revolutions per minute quickly becomes unmanageable, with run times over a minute resulting in trillions of revolutions per minute. As rotation increases, large quantities of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation are emitted by the device, to the point where the area around SCP-1781 is uninhabitable. Testing has determined that the area affected by this is equivalent to 1 meter per sixty (60) seconds of operation. To date, no upper limit for the number of revolutions per minute has been established. Mass spectrometry analysis of the materials composing SCP-1781 has been inconclusive, indicating several as-yet unknown alloys.

Addendum 1781-01: Documentation recovered from Prometheus Labs indicates that SCP-1781 was intended as an unlimited power source. Records indicate it was completed on 29/08/1998 and activated on 1/09/1998, running for over 120 seconds. At this time, it is unknown if SCP-1781 is related to the destruction of the main Prometheus labs facility.

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