Anur-Mirrored Rook Blonko was a mirrored version of Rook Blonko that was inside Zs'Castle Zs'Skayr to guard the chamber where Zs'Skayr resides.


He has the same armor as Rook, but it is torn, showing a part of his chest. It is tinted with light blue like the rest of his body and instead of looking like a Revonnahgander, he resembles a Loboan. He has a Loboan head that has a mane like Blitzwolfer. His eyes are yellow and does not have pupils unlike Rook. He also has a fluffy tail and dog-like legs with claws on the end.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has enhanced strength like all of the other mirrored characters.


He can be easily shattered by any form of combat.

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