Relok Hag was last known to have been battling the Dominators and was believed to be dead by Ke'Haan of Varva. By circumstances yet to be revealed, Relok Hag was taken captive by the Manhunters and brought to their homeworld Biot in Space Sector 3601.


More than thirty Green Lanterns had been taken over the years. Some were used to access the Central Power Battery on Oa for both energy and information, while others were to be placed inside the massive Manhunter Highmasters. One of the lanterns, Tomar-Tu of Xudar was able to escape.


The captive Green Lanterns were freed during an unauthorized Search and Rescue mission initiated by Green Lanterns of Earth Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. Brought back to Oa after the destruction of Biot, Relok Hag eventually returned to active duty. He was one of the Lanterns present on Oa when Laira of Sector 112 was taken into custody for the murder of Amon Sur.

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