Serving as a law officer on her home planet of Papilliox, it was easy for R'amey Holl to transition into the galactic police force of the Green Lantern Corps. A recent recruit, this orange-skinned beauty is proper and respectful of her superior officers. Her majestic wings allow her to fly even without her power ring. Being a Monarchist, R'amey has the potential to metamorphose as an Earth butterfly would. Having consumed all life on the now barren planet of Meno, the insect like Hymenoptists have set their sights on R'amey’s majestic world of Papilliox. R'amey seeks to recruit the Guardians’ help in putting an end to these parasites who lay eggs in living beings.

The CorpseEdit

R'amey was assigned to be Guy Gardner's partner for a single mission with the Green Lantern Corpse under Von Daggle to deal with a Dominator threat: a Dominator scientist was using the meteor that originally hyper-evolved Captain Comet in experiments to create a super-powered Khund servant, as well as enhance himself, against Dominator orthodoxy. The lanterns traded in their rings for lower-profile energy disks to pursue their target. In the ensuring mission, R'amey almost died as her stomach and the Energy Disk were ripped out by the hyper evolved Khund, but was saved when she came into contact with the meteor and was evolved into a luminescent form. Reviving a near-death Gardner with her new found powers, they pursued the super Dominator and, linking up with Von Daggle, defeated him and, despite Lantern Gardner's objections, R'amey Holl killed him. After the mission she wiped Honor Lantern Gardener's memories of her survival with her new powers, and R'amey Holl remained with the Corpse in secret.

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