Paalko Pulgedho was a member of the Guardians of the Universe and lived thousands of years ago when he along with his kin decided to police the cosmos. Their plan was to bring order to a chaotic universe and thus they tapped into the power of the Emotional Spectrum. This saw the Guardians empower an agent to serve their whims who became known as The First-Lantern. According to Krona, the Guardians betrayed this agent and turned against him. The Guardians claimed that this was because The First-Lantern was too dangerous to be allowed free. Thus, they chained The First-Lantern in The Chamber of Shadows that was to serve as his prison for all of time. A group of Oans were chosen to serve as wardens to the prison and this group remained in the Chamber where they became known as The Hidden Ones. One of their numbers included Paalko who, like his fellow Templar Guardians, last knew that his kin had created an android police force called the ManHunters.

Rise of The Third ArmyEdit

Across the centuries, Paalko and his fellow Hidden Ones remained within the Chamber of Shadows thus they were unaware of events that occurred outside the prison. Following the War of The Green-Lanterns, the Guardians travelled to the Chamber where they met Reegal who asked his kin whether they had saved the universe. However, the Guardians claimed that circumstances had changed and that they required the First Lantern. This went against the oath that the Templar Guardians had taken as they were well aware of the danger posed by the First Lantern if he was freed. Thus, they attacked the Guardians as they intended to honor their oath. During the battle, Reegal's throat was slit by one of the Guardians and the Hidden Ones were shocked as a result which allowed the Oans to take the First Lantern from the Chamber.

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