N'Kari is a powerful Keeper of Secrets, a Greater-Daemon of Slaanesh who was defeated by a Grey-Knights strike force aboard the deserted Eldar CraftWorld of Malan'tai.


Gheistos CataclysmEdit

Little is known of the origins of the foul Keeper of Secrets known as N'Kari. Imperial records indicate that the Greater Daemon was first encountered upon the Imperial Agri-World of Gheistos. All life on this formerly lush and peaceful world was destroyed during the Gheistos Cataclysm sometime during the 41st Millennium. N'Kari led a daemonic army of Fiends and Daemonettes which marked the reaching of an allegiance between Nurgle the Plague-Father and the Dark-Prince Slaanesh.

The Battle of the Ghost HallsEdit

N'Kari was next encountered by a Grey-Knights Space-Marine Chapter strike force in circa 820.M41, upon the desolate Eldar CraftWorld of Malan'tai. The Chapter's Prognosticators had received particularly dire visions and so they despatched a strike force to a point in space where no worlds were known to exist. On arrival, the strike force encountered the massive, bio-acid scorched hulk of Craftworld Malan'tai. Though its inhabitants had all been destroyed by an assault by the Tyranids in 812.M41, Malan'tai was not as empty as it first appeared. N'Kari and his ilk stalked the devastated world, seeking hidden caches of Eldar Spirit-Stones and the souls within to consume. With each Spirit Stone consumed the might of N'Kari increased, and by the time the Grey Knights arrived, his power had increased tenfold, the beast having only feasted on but a fraction of the souls to be found within the Craftworld's vaults. Ordinarily, to fight such a foe would be beyond even the Grey Knights, but the wisdom of the Pronosticators prevailed, as they had bade Captain Pelenas, who led the Grey Knights strike force, to take as many Purifiers as would go.

The Purifiers lead the charge as the Grey Knights launched their assault on N'Kari and his daemonic host. The consecrated flame of their Incinerators preceded their advance. The cleansing azure flames roared through the halls like a hungry spirit, consuming the daemons in its path, leaving those hellspawn that survived as ripe prey for the advancing Grey Knights. The Keeper of Secrets was finally cornered within the shattered remnants of the Craftworld's Dome of Crystal Seers. In a span of moments, N'Kari's daemonic fury claimed the lives of a dozen Purifiers as well as striking down Captain Pelenas. But before the Greater Daemon could strike the killing blow, Justicar Anval Thawn sacrificed himself by throwing himself into the path of N'Kari's spear. Thawn was laid low in his captain's place. His weapon momentarily trapped within the flesh of the fallen Justicar, the surviving Purifiers took advantage of the momentary lapse in the fighting and completed the ritual of Twelve Blood-Swords, draining N'Kari of his stolen power, leaving him vulnerable to Pelenas' death blow.

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