Munk, also known as Indigo-2, at some point became a member of the Indigo Tribe where he became the second in command of the Indigo Tribe.

The Blackest NightEdit

As the prophecy of The Blackest Night came to pass, the Indigo Tribe began to act. Their leader Indigo-1 travelled to Earth at Coast City in order to recruit Hal Jordan in her attempt at bringing back The White Light in order to combat the Black-Lantern Corps. Accompanying her to both Earth and Zamaron was Munk but once she had spirited Jordan, Sinestro and Carol Ferris away; Munk departed to Oa in order to assist the Green-Lantern Corps who were being assault by the Black Lanterns. Once there, Munk aided Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol who were defending their position from Black Lanterns. Through his manipulation of the light of compassion, Munk managed to sever the Black Lanterns connections to their Power Rings. He later assisted Soranik Natu in preventing Black Lantern Power-Rings from claiming the recently deceased Kyle Rayner.

The New GuardiansEdit

Munk later sought out Kyle Rayner, as an Indigo Power Ring had sought the Green Lantern on Earth on its' own. Calling Rayner a Ring Thief, Munk used his Power Ring's teleportation ability to enable the other Lanterns to follow Kyle Rayner to Oa, and then to Okkaa when Larfleeze battled the Guardians on Oa.

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