Manifold was genetically engineered by the Builders to help them in searching the Multiverse for the Ivory Kings, as he was modified to be able to travel across the Multiverse, unlike any other Manifold. He used his teleportation abilities to transport the Builder's super-station to a set of coordinates where an incursion was taking place. As Manifold stayed aboard, the Builders sent out an army of Ex Nihili and Alephs to confront the Mapmakers and their servants, the Sidera Maris.

After the battle, Manifold watched as they salvaged a mapmaker core and cracked the harmonic structure of wild space. This allowed him to find the location of the Ivory Kings themselves, thus folding time and space once again to move the station to their destination. Manifold was last seen looking at a virtual grid of the multiverse to keep track of the coordinates

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