Medphyll is one of the first members recruited by the Guardians of the Universe and comes from the plant world J586. A sentient plant with a very unique biology, he gains nourishment through photosynthesis and life from his Mind Stalks that lie atop his head. These Mind Stalks are the only vital organs on his body.

Medphyll’s world is tropical--leaving him vulnerable on colder planets or in space. This Corps member also possesses the special ability to transfer his thought-essence to any nearby plant life--making him an ideal choice for reconnaissance missions.

As a veteran warrior who served with numerous Lanterns, Medphyll considers Hal Jordan one of the greatest. This was not his only meeting with an earthling having once encountered the Earth Elemental known as Swamp-Thing. Utilizing his experience as a flora, Medphyll assisted Swamp Thing in returning to his homeworld.

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