The Kryptonian species is most well-known by its' primary representative, the superhero across the multiverse, SuperMan (Clark Kent/Kal-El).

Species overviewEdit

Notable individualsEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Kryptonian physiology:

  • Solar-radiation absorption: Kryptonians have the power to absorb solar-radiation and use it to fuel an array of advanced super-powers. Their abilities can vary depending on the form of solar-energy: Red stars, like Krypton's sun Rao, does not provide intense enough energy to empower a Kryptonian; yellow stars, like Terra's sun Sol, provides strong enough energy to power a Kryptonian to an "average" level; and much higher-leveled stars, such as blue stars, greatly enhance the base-level of Kryptonians and can even provide additional super-powers.
  • Superhuman strength:
    • Thunderclap:
    • Super-leaping: By using their powerful leg muscles, Kryptonians can jump to tremendous heights and cover incredible distances by using their sheer strength.
    • Super-Breath: By drawing in vast quantities of air and blowing it back out, Kryptonians can create immensely powerful hurricane-force winds.
      • Freeze-Breath: Kryptonians can super-chill their breath using Joule-Thomson expansion to produce sub-zero temperatures and create ice by freezing atmospheric moisture.
      • Vacuum-Breath:
  • Invulnerability:
    • Enhanced bio-aura:
  • Superhuman speed:
    • Superhuman agility:
    • Superhuman reflexes:
    • Dimensional-travel:
      • Time-travel:
  • Self-sustenance:
    • Regeneration:
    • Superhuman stamina:
    • Agelessness:
  • Super-intelligence:
    • Photographic-memory:
  • Energy generation/manipulation:
    • Flight:
    • Heat-Vision:
    • Super-Flare:
    • Super-empowerment:
  • Super-Senses:
    • Super-Vision
      • ElectroMagnetic-Spectrum Vision:
      • Telescopic-Vision:
      • Microscopic-Vision:
      • X-Ray Vision:
      • Thermal-Vision:
    • Super-Hearing:
    • Super-Smell:

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