Kretch is a powerful pyrokientic demon from the hellfire planet of Soh and is capable of erupting to supernova levels. Whether this is something all inhabitants of Soh can accomplish has not been determined. It is said Kretch can consume entire cities in his hellfire, and he has spread to multiple worlds.

Sinestro CorpsEdit

Kretch was one of thousands on Qward during the capture of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, and his separation from the Ion entity. Kretch was next seen prior to the a Arkillo-led attack on Green Lantern Mogo. Though an obvious soldier to have during an attack on a sentient planet, Kretch’s activities in the war with the Green-Lantern Corps have yet to be detailed. Following the Sinestro Corps defeat on Earth, it is not known if Kretch was captured, escaped or even survived the war.

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