A warlord, Kreon sought to end wars in Tebis rather than start them. Seeing his potential, Hal Jordan recruited Kreon for the Green-Lantern Corps. A fierce warrior, despite missing an arm and an eye, Kreon was called to Oa to defend the planet from Jordan. In a brutal battle with Parallax, he was defeated and left for dead.


He was discovered by Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner to be held captive by the Manhunters, along with others including Laira Omoto and Tomar-Tu who had recently escaped to kill Jordan in revenge for his rampage. However, he was killed in the ensuing battle. Upon his death, his ring passed to Boodikka. During The Blackest Night, he, along with many Fallen Lanterns, was renimated by a black power ring into a member of the Black-Lantenrn Corps, attacking the living Lanterns on Oa. He, along with the other Black Lanterns, were aborbed into Mogo's core to "burn for etenity".

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