Ke'Haan of Varva was one of several Green-Lanterns who attempted to defend Oa from Hal Jordan, but was defeated and left for dead by the Parallax possessed Jordan. He appeared as one of several ex-Green Lanterns taken captive by the Manhunters.


Ke'Haan was one of the Green Lanterns that went to Qward in an attempt to rescue the Ion Entity. He never made it back home because he was killed by the Anti-Monitor. He was to be brought home by the Lost Lanterns, only for them to find that his wife and children were murdered in cold blood by Amon Sur. His death and that of his family fueled the rage in his pupil, Laira, who murdered Amon Sur in retaliation, and becoming into a Red Lantern after her expulsion from the Corps. During The Blackest Night, black power rings broke into the Crypts of Oa, reanimating the Fallen Lanterns into Black Lanterns, Ke'Haan among them. During the battle, he stabbed Guy Gardner in the leg, and was momenterally destroyed by Gardner.

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