Graf Toren was a light monk of Karax. When a holy world was consumed by the Spider-Guild, Graf spent years hunting them, leading to his membership in the Green-Lantern Corps. He had been sent by the Guardians of the Universe to stop Hal Jordan when he was possessed by Parallax, but was supposedly killed.

Lost LanternsEdit

However, Toren was discovered years later on Biot, the homeworld of the Manhunters. The Cyborg Superman had been using him, along with numerous other forgotten Lanterns, as a power source. Jordan and Guy Gardner helped Toren and the others defeat the cyborg and destroy Biot.

Sinestro Corps WarEdit

During the Sinestro Corps War, Graf joined the other "Lost Lanterns" in rescuing Ion from Qward. When Hal Jordan wanted some lanterns to help him locate the also missing John Stewart and Guy Gardner, Graf joined him, saying that he did not look back on Jordan's actions with anger or hate. Following the Sinestro Corps War, Graf became critical of the creation of the Alpha-Lanterns, feeling that all their emotions had been stripped from them.

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