Garl Rathbone was a miner working the debris belt over Daffath. He was known to frequent Waystation, a spaceport in the Daffath system which was the halfway point between two far flung destinations in bordering sectors. Rathbone would gamble on Waystation and while he did not like to lose, he took it well as it was all part of the game. Until he found out someone was cheating him.

After learning he had lost a game because his opponents employed a mind reader, Rathbone quickly got into a fight aboard Waystation. This caught the attention of "the Gearboxes," Waystation's nickname for robotic law enforcement officers used to keep the peace. Before the gearboxes arrived, Rathbone had also caught the attention of Kyle Rayner, a Green-Lantern from Earth. Teaming up with Rayner and his companions, Garl avoided falling into the custody of the gearboxes. The group came together to form the start of what Rayner hoped to be a new Corps. However, after a disastrous mission wrought by the betrayal of one member and which resulted in the loss of another, Rayner decided to disband his self-proclaimed 'Corps', took back the power rings, returned to Earth. Garl Rathbone joined with Anya Savenlovich and Judge Sool in creating an intergalactic crime fighting group, known simply as "The Corps."

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