Fusion-Clones are creatures formed out of Fusion-Matter and cloned from DNA taken from the personal objects of various people, superheroes, and supervillains present in the FusionFall universe. The Fusion-Clones form the most elite, intelligent, and powerful parts of Lord Fuse's armies, serving as powerful fighters and high-level generals, the main restriction on Fusion-Clones is that only a few can be made using someone's personal items and more would be needed to manufacture additional Fusion-Clones of that person. Each clone is a fully-functional individual possessing all memories, abilities, and generally most super-powers of their templates, but they are also twisted and corrupted by Lord Fuse's clone creation process and results in an evil recreation of the original being.

Fusion-Clones (Ben 10)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Ben 10 universeEdit

A reality like the Ben 10 universe would naturally be a prime target for harvesting and assimilation for Lord Fuse and his hordes, being host to an uncountably vast array of extraterrestrial, extradimensional, supernatural, magical, and scientific beings and technology. The Planet-Fusion War was partially started when the Ectonurites of Anur Phaetos offered Earth to Lord Fuse in exchange for the freedom of their own world, and offered to help him gain all of the treasures that the Earth to offer to Planet-Fusion.

Fusion Ben 10 {Ben 10 (Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson)}Edit

Fusion Ben 10 (First)Edit

Fusion Ben 10 (Second)Edit

Fusion Ben 10 (Third)Edit

Morgana Tennyson (Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson)Edit

Morgana Tennyson IEdit

Morgana Tennyson IIEdit

Morgana Tennyson IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Kalvin "Kal" Levin {Kevin 11 (Kevin Levin)}Edit

Kal Levin (First)Edit

Kal Levin (Second)Edit

Kal Levin (Third)Edit

Maximillian "Mack" Tennyson (Magister Maxwell "Max" Tennyson)Edit

Mack Tennyson (First)Edit

Mack Tennyson (Second)Edit

Mack Tennyson (Third)Edit

Fusion-Vilgax (Vilgax)Edit

Fusion Vilgax (First)Edit

Fusion Vilgax (Second)Edit

Fusion-Tetrax (Tetrax Shard)Edit

Fusion Tetrax (First)Edit

Fusion Tetrax (Second)Edit

Fusion-Hex (Hex)Edit

Fusion Hex (First)Edit

Fusion Hex (Second)Edit

Fusion Alan Albright (Alan Albright)Edit

Fusion-Azmuth (Azmuth)Edit

Fusion-Ra'ad (Ra'ad)Edit

Fusion-Diamondhead (Diamondhead)Edit

Fusion-FourArms (FourArms)Edit

Fusion-CannonBolt (CannonBolt)Edit

Fusion CannonBolt (First)Edit

Fusion CannonBolt (Second)Edit

Fusion CannonBolt (Third)Edit

Goliath {Way-Big}Edit

Goliath IEdit

Goliath IIEdit

Goliath IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Fusion-BuzzShock (BuzzShock)Edit

Fusion SwampFire (SwampFire)Edit

Reverb (Echo-Echo)Edit

Reverb IEdit

Reverb IIEdit

Reverb IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Reverb, Sr.Edit

Reverb, Jr.Edit

Fusion-JetRay (JetRay)Edit

Fusion Big-Chill (Big-Chill)Edit

Ooze (Goop)Edit

Ooze IEdit

Ooze IIEdit

Ooze IIIEdit

Fusion-Matter element: Adaptium

Spectrum (ChromaStone)Edit

Spectrum IEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Spectrum IIEdit

Spectrum IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Ire (Rath)Edit

Ire IEdit

Ire IIEdit

Ire IIIEdit

CnidariWatt (AmpFibian)Edit

CnidariWatt IEdit

CnidariWatt IIEdit

CnidariWatt IIIEdit

Fusion-NRG (NRG)Edit

Fusion-Bloxx (Bloxx)Edit

Inferno (Ultimate-SwampFire)Edit

Inferno IEdit

Inferno IIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Inferno IIIEdit

Fusion Ultimate Echo-Echo (Ultimate Echo-Echo)Edit

Fusion-Clones (Generator Rex)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Generator Rex universeEdit

Reyes Salazar (Rex Salazar)Edit

Reyes Salazar IEdit

Reyes Salazar IIEdit

Reyes Salazar IIIEdit

Fusion Agent Six {Agent Six (Roku Chang)}Edit

Fusion Van Kleiss {Van Kleiss}Edit

Fusion BoBo HaHa {BoBo HaHa}Edit

Fusion-Clones (Secret Saturdays)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Secret Saturdays universeEdit

The world of the Secret Saturdays has many interesting and valuable secrets to offer to Lord Fuse and the monsters that he creates, the cryptids and advanced technology of this universe have many things to offer to Lord Fuse and unique powers of the various cryptid species make great raw materials for developing future forms of Fusion-Monsters.

Zechariah "Zeke" Saturday {Zakariah "Zak" Saturday}Edit

Zeke Saturday (First)Edit

Zeke Saturday (Second)Edit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Zeke Saturday (Third)Edit

Fusion Doc Saturday (Solomon "Doc" Saturday)Edit

Fusion Drew Saturday (Andrea "Drew" Saturday)Edit

Fusion V.V. Argost (Vincent "V.V." Argost)Edit

Fusion-Clones (PowerPuff Girls)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the PowerPuff Girls universeEdit

Bloom Utonium (Blossom Utonium)Edit

Bloom Utonium IEdit

Bloom Utonium IIEdit

Bloom Utonium IIIEdit

Beads Utonium (Bubbles Utonium)Edit

Beads Utonium IEdit

Beads Utonium IIEdit

Beads Utonium IIIEdit

Fusion-ButterCup (ButterCup Utonium)Edit

Fusion ButterCup (First)Edit

Fusion ButterCup (Second)Edit

Fusion Professor Utonium (Professor Jonathan Utonium)Edit

Fusion Professor Utonium (First)Edit

Fusion Professor Utonium (Second)Edit

Fusion MoJo JoJo (MoJo JoJo Utonium)Edit

Fusion MoJo JoJo (First)Edit

Fusion MoJo JoJo (Second)Edit

Fusion-Him (Him)Edit

Fusion Him (First)Edit

Fusion Him (Second)Edit

Marquise Morbucks (Princess Morbucks)Edit

Marquise Morbucks IEdit

Marquise Morbucks IIEdit

Marquise Morbucks IIIEdit

Fusion Fuzzy Lumpkins (Fuzzy Lumpkins)Edit

Fusion Fuzzy Lumpkins (First)Edit

Fusion Fuzzy Lumpkins (Second)Edit

Spade Copular {Ace Copular}Edit

Spade Copular IEdit

Spade Copular IIEdit

Spade Copular IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Barnaby "Barry" Mayer {Mayor of Townsville (Barnabus "Barney" Mayer)}Edit

Barry Mayer (First)Edit

Barry Mayer (Second)Edit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Barry Mayer (Third)Edit

Fusion-Clones (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Foster's Home universeEdit

Lord Fuse had a particular interest in the Foster's Home universe and its' peculiar energy form known as Imaginary Energy. Imaginary Energy is what brings the Imaginary Friends to life when a child imagines them; it is some unknown force that is neither science or magic and is the only known natural force that counteracts Fusion-Matter, Fuse created several Fusion-Clones of Imaginary Friends and humans from the Foster's Home universe in an attempt to better analyze this phenomenon.

Fusion-Mac (Mac)Edit

Fusion Mac (First)Edit

Fusion Mac (Second)Edit

Fusion-Bloo (Blooregard "Bloo" Kazoo)Edit

Fusion-Bloo (First)Edit

Fusion-Bloo (Second)Edit

Fusion-Bloo (Third)Edit

Walter "Walt" Michaels {Wilton "Wilt" Michaels}Edit

Walt Michaels (First)Edit

Walt Michaels (Second)Edit

Walt Michaels (Third)Edit

Fusion-Eduardo (Eduardo Valerosa)Edit

Fusion Eduardo (First)Edit

Fusion Eduardo (Second)Edit

Fusion-CoCo (CoCo)Edit

Fusion CoCo (First)Edit

Fusion CoCo (Second)Edit

Fusion-Frankie (Francis "Frankie" Foster)Edit

Fusion Frankie (First)Edit

Fusion Frankie (Second)Edit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Fusion Mr. Herriman (Herriman Foster)Edit

Fusion Mr. Herriman (First)Edit

Fusion Mr. Herriman (Second)Edit

Fusion Mr. Herriman (Third)Edit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Curd (Cheese)Edit

Curd IEdit

Curd IIEdit

Curd III the ElderEdit

Curd, Sr.Edit

Curd, Jr.Edit

Curd III the YoungerEdit

Fusion-Clones (CodeName: Kids Next Door)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Kids Next Door universeEdit

Numeral Monad (Kieran "Kain" Uno) {Numbuh One (Nigel Uno)}Edit

Numeral Monad (Kain Uno (First))Edit

Numeral Monad (Kain Uno (Second))Edit

Numeral Monad (Kain Uno (Third))Edit

Numeral Dyad (Howard "Howie" Gilligan) {Numbuh Two (Hogarth "Hoagie" Gilligan, Jr.)}Edit

Numeral Dyad (Howie Gilligan (First))Edit

Numeral Dyad (Howie Gilligan (Second))Edit

Numeral Dyad (Howie Gilligan (Third))Edit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Numeral Triad (Kamiko "Kimi" Sanban) {Numbuh Three (Kuki Sanban)}Edit

Numeral Triad (Kimi Sanban (First))Edit

Numeral Triad (Kimi Sanban (Second))Edit

Numeral Triad (Kimi Sanban (Third))Edit

Numeral Tetrad (Wallace "Walch" Beatles) {Numbuh Four (Wallabee "Wally" Beatles)}Edit

Numeral Tetrad (Walch Beatles (First))Edit

Numeral Tetrad (Walch Beatles (Second))Edit

Numeral Tetrad (Walch Beatles (Third))Edit

Numeral Pentad (Andrea "Andie" Lincoln) {Numbuh Five (Abigail "Abby" Lincoln)}Edit

Numeral Pentad (Andie Lincoln (First))Edit

Numeral Pentad (Andie Lincoln (Second))Edit

Numeral Pentad (Andie Lincoln (Third))Edit

Patriarch (Arnold Uno) {Father (Benedict Uno, Jr.)}Edit

Patriarch (Arnold Uno I)Edit

Patriarch (Arnold Uno II)Edit

Patriarch (Arnold Uno III)Edit

Fusion-StickyBeard (StickyBeard)Edit

Fusion StickyBeard (First)Edit

Fusion StickyBeard (Second)Edit

Lavatarian (Luigi Pottingsworth) {Toiletnator (Louis Pottingsworth III)}Edit

Lavatarian (Luigi Pottingsworth I)Edit

Lavatarian (Luigi Pottingsworth II)Edit

Lavatarian (Luigi Pottingsworth III)Edit

Fusion-Clones (Ed, Edd n Eddy)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Ed, Edd n Eddy universeEdit

Edgar "Gary" Drommond (Edwin "Ed" Drommond)Edit

Gary Drommond (First)Edit

Gary Drommond (Second)Edit

Gary Drommond (Third)Edit

Edbert "Berty" Pensky (Eddward "Edd/Double D" Pensky)Edit

Berty Pensky (First)Edit

Berty Pensky (Second)Edit

Berty Pensky (Third)Edit

Edrick "Ricky" Reese (Edmund "Eddy" Reese)Edit

Ricky Reese (First)Edit

Ricky Reese (Second)Edit

Ricky Reese (Third)Edit

Leah Kanker (Lee Kanker)Edit

Leah Kanker IEdit

Leah Kanker IIEdit

Leah Kanker IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Mariah Kanker (Marie Kanker)Edit

Mariah Kanker IEdit

Mariah Kanker IIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Mariah Kanker IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

April Kanker (May Kanker)Edit

April Kanker IEdit

April Kanker IIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

April Kanker IIIEdit

Fusion-Clones (Samurai Jack)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Samurai Jack universeEdit

Fusion Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack)Edit

Fusion Samurai Jack (First)Edit

Fusion Samurai Jack (Second)Edit

Fusion-Scotsman (The Scotsman)Edit

Fusion Scotsman (First)Edit

Fusion Scotsman (Second)Edit

Fusion-Demongo (Demongo)Edit

Fusion Demongo (First)Edit

Fusion Demongo (Second)Edit

Fusion-Clones (Dexter's Laboratory)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Dexter's Lab universeEdit

The Dexter's Lab universe has many hyper-intelligent and super-powered beings to capture the eye of Lord Fuse. Fuse has sought to replicate Dexter, ManDark, and Computress's hyper-intellectual abilities and technological weaponry, DeeDee's preternatural destructive capabilities, and Major Glory's great superpowers as part of his endless armies by creating Fusion-Clones of them.

Damian McPherson (Dexter McPherson)Edit

Damian McPherson IEdit

Damian McPherson IIEdit

Damian McPherson IIIEdit

Fusion DeeDee (DeeDee McPherson)Edit

Fusion DeeDee (First)Edit

Fusion DeeDee (Second)Edit

Fusion-Computress (Computress)Edit

Fusion Computress (First)Edit

Fusion Computress (Second)Edit

Fusion-ManDark {ManDark (Susan Astronomanov)}Edit

Fusion-ManDark (First)Edit

Fusion-ManDark (Second)Edit

Fusion-ManDark (Third)Edit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Fusion-Clones (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the Grim Adventures universeEdit

Lord Fuse would commonly steal personal objects from people with great knowledge of science, magic, technology, and the supernatural so that his Fusion-Clones would have a versatile array of powers and intellect. Naturally, a reality with the extradimensional happenings such as the Grim Adventures universe would be a prime target.

Fusion-Billy (William "Billy")Edit

Fusion-Billy (First)Edit

Fusion-Billy (Second)Edit

Fusion-Billy (Third)Edit

Fusion-Mandy (Amanda "Mandy")Edit

Fusion Mandy (First)Edit

Fusion Mandy (Second)Edit

Fusion Grim-Reaper (Grim)Edit

Fusion Grim-Reaper (First)Edit

Fusion Grim-Reaper (Second)Edit

Fusion Hoss Delgado (Hoss Delgado)Edit

Fusion Hoss Delgado (First)Edit

Fusion Hoss Delgado (Second)Edit

Fusion-Clones (Other universes)Edit

Planet-Fusion and the other universesEdit

Henry "Hank" Cooplowski {Harold "Coop" Cooplowski}Edit

Hank Cooplowski (First)Edit

Hank Cooplowski (Second)Edit

Hank Cooplowski (Third)Edit

Gallant Bagge {Courage Bagge}Edit

Gallant Bagge IEdit

Gallant Bagge IIEdit

Gallant Bagge IIIEdit

Michael "Mikey" Test (Jonathan "Johnny" Test)Edit

Mikey Test (First)Edit

Mikey Test (Second)Edit

Mikey Test (Third)Edit

Jenever Lee (Juniper Lee)Edit

Jenever Lee IEdit

Jenever Lee IIEdit

Jenever Lee IIIEdit

  • Fusion-Matter element: Cosmix

Powers and AbilitiesEdit