The Green-Lantern Flodo Span was an alien of unknown origin. Flodo Span was one of the more unique creatures chosen to be a Green Lantern. It was essentially an abstract life form, using its power ring to create a “body” to contain its life essence. Following the Guardians' of the Universe decision to leave the known universe and eliminate all sector assignments, Flodo Span joined up with eight other Lanterns to form the Green Lantern Corps of The Klyminade. These Lanterns included Flodo’s close friend Olapet of Southern Goldstar and Driq of Criq. The other members of the Klyminade Corps were murdered by Sinestro and his ally, the sentient and insane Sector 3600. Flodo Span, Olapet, and the dead but still powered Driq, were the only Lanterns to survive Sinestro’s assault.

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