Philosopher-Soldier Daenyathos was revered Soul-Drinker of some renown, Daenyathos was the former Reclusiarch (senior Chaplain) and later a Venerable-Dreadnough of the Chapter. He lived sometime in the 36th Millennium and in his time wrote the Catechisms Martial, which was considered a nearly sacred tome by the Soul Drinkers and was still in use during the late 41st Millennium by the Chapter. Unfortunately, Daenyathos was also corrupted by Chaos in his intense desire to combat the corruption of the Imperium. He concocted a plot to use his own Chapter as pawns in a scheme stretching across the millennia with the aid of the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Abraxes. Daenyathos intended to maneuver his Chapter into a position to bring him aboard the Imperial Fists' massive mobile fortress-monastery, the Phalanx, and open up an ancient Warp Gate that secretly existed within the gigantic starship's bowels called the Predator's Eye. Once Abraxes and his daemonic horde had seized the vessel from the Imperial Fists, Daenyathos intended to use the great vessel as his own mobile base to spread the power of Chaos across the galaxy and end the Imperium's hypocrisy and corruption. Daenyathos' mad plan was stopped by the Soul Drinkers' final Chapter Master, Sarpedon, who learned the truth of Daenyathos' machinations, defeated the Dreadnought in single combat using the artefact called the SoulSpear, and then took Daenyathos' broken body with him into the Immaterium through the Warp Gate on the Phalanx to face whatever judgement awaited at the tender mercies of the Dark-Gods.

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