The Black-Lantern Corps of the Cosmic-Pantheon was one of the newly formed Lantern Corps at the beginning of the Infinity-Merge. This corps was originally formed primarily from good-aligned being who were originally possessed by Nekron's Black-Lantern Rings during the Blackest-Night crisis and it is one of the strongest foundational blocks of the Cosmic-Pantheon. The corps wields the uncorrupted form of the Black-Light of Death representing the positive understanding of the emotion; it is also on the far end of the spectrum and this signifies the energy's stronger influence upon the user.



Black-Lantern Alpha-Corps of the Cosmic-PantheonEdit

Black-Lantern Honor-Guard of the Cosmic-PantheonEdit

Black-Lantern Corpse of the Cosmic-PantheonEdit

Black-Lantern Assault-Division of the Cosmic-PantheonEdit

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