Anur-Mirrored Benjamin Tennyson, also simply called Anur-Mirrored Ben 10, was a mirrored version of Ben Tennyson, that was inside of Zs'Castle Zs'Skayr to guard the chamber where Zs'Skayr resides.


His appearance resembles Ben except he has large, bulging zits on his face and his whole body is tinted with light blue and the 10 on the shirt is a 01 like Albedo.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anur-Mirrored Ben can expel a green slime out from the zits on his face and onto an enemy. Also, this Ben is shown to have enhanced speed.


This Ben has a Mirrored Omnitrix and only used one alien; SwampFire.

He looks exactly like the almost blossomed SwampFire except that almost all green on his body is replaced with blue except for the Omnitrix and eyes.


Since being made out of a mirror, he can be easily shattered by any sort of combat; weapon or hand-to-hand.

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